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At Audion we specialise in manufacturing high end, handmade and in most cases hard wired “Class A” valve amplifiers, pre-amplifiers and electronics for use in the home or office. We research, design develop and produce over 30 different pure “Class A” analogue audio amplifiers from our custom manufacturing facility in the wine growing artisanal region of Bordeaux in south west France

Audion was established well over 30 years ago now, in Brighton, Southern England after having been setup by ex Audio Innovations employees in 1987 before the, then company  –  Audio Innovations was sold. Our aim then as it is now has always been to make our products available and affordable to everyone, as well as being musical and easy to use. Above all, we know that through our attention to quality and detail that your Audion is a “sound Investment”

We like to think that our products speak volumes for themselves, but don’t take our word for it, just read some of our reviews and testimonials over the years.  With “World Firsts” like the Silver Night 300B, The Silver Night DUO first dual 2A3 / 300B power amp and The Super Sterling KT120, first Ultralinear KT120 power amp gives us the momentum to continue improving our products and designing new award winning ones like our recent Special Edition series (“What hifi” award winner) best Audio Art award from 1995 to 2018 etc. Our product range includes both amplifiers and pre-amplifiers, both active and passive. Phono stages both MM and MC, as well as the world acclaimed “best pre-amplifier in the world” (Arthur Salvatore)

As you can imagine, with over 30 years of experience in designing and building award winning amplifiers we know a thing or two about how to make our products look and sound great, in fact so much so that many of the processes are performed in house by our trained artisans.  

What makes Audion different, apart from innovative products, keen knowledgeable staff, a custom manufacturing facility now in South West France and many key components made in house is our Ethos to build high quality, affordable high end products specifically for you – our customers.

Audion, What makes us different.

What sets Audion apart from many of our competitors is the way in which we do things. 
Lets start with our designs. All of our electronics are designed in house, and in recent years we have used a top European chassis designer for our new look amps. Our award winning products are the result of over
30 years of exhaustive research. Our designers have worked on improvements of our classic designs, like 
our Silver Night and Sterling ranges, and are constanly striving to perfect our amplifiers musically and 
aesthetically, as well as improve and innovate new designs. 
Our metalwork is designed by us in-house and is produced for us in the UK. 
We produce, design and wind our own transformers, again in-house. 
Many of our special finishes are produced in-house. Electro-plating, including gold and silver plating is done in-house. In fact all of our production takes place in our custom facility in the wine growing region of Bordeaux, France by our skilled artisans. We pride ourselves on being British owned, designed and built using only the finest components sourced directly from Britain, Europe and North America.

Our Mission Statement

At Audion, our aim is to deliver music as close to the originally recorded sounds as can possible be achieved. We are able to do this through extensive research of various circuit topologies, together with specially selected components from around the world. This puts us at the forefront of valve audio reproduction, delivering world class products that we think you will enjoy. We aim to make our equipment affordable, yet comparable build quality and sound realisation to units costing many times more than ours.

We will try and dispel the mysteries of “Esoteric High End” and make this technology available to everyone. Straight talking without techno babble.

Transformer Winding

All of our transformers are designed and wound in house using the latest cnc technology. We use only the best components, single cast copper or pure silver wire, M6 or better grade laminations and are Hi-pot tested to over 5KV.

Valve Selection

We use mainly JJ for our 300B's Electro Harmonix for our EL34's, KT120 & KT150's. Our small tubes are mainly from our NOS selection of Russian tubes, all matched, balanced and carefully selected.. All of our valves come with a 6 month warranty. We voice every valve in the amp that it will finally go with.

Quality Testing

All of our amps receive a full 24 hour burn-in as well as an actual listening test. All of our hard wired amps come with a certificate of authenticity and is your assurance of our commitment to quality. Using the latest digital and analog test equipment, we carry out a minimum of 25 different tests on every amp.


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We are English Speaking and a British Company. We also speak Danish, Dutch, Icelandic and some French & German

+33 (0) 5 46 04 32 82  

HOURS OF BUSINESS: 9 a.m to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday. GMT + 1 Hr (Central Euro Time)

Address Chez Reynaud, Le Haut Mont, 17360, La Genetouze. France 

Email info@audion.co.uk


HOURS OF BUSINESS: 9 a.m to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday. GMT + 1 Hr (Central Euro Time)

Address Chez Reynaud, Le Haut Mont, 17360, La Genetouze. France 

Email info@audion.co.uk