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Our History tells you who we are now and where we have come from, you may be surprised!

Audio Innovations 

In the early 1980’s David Chessel (To the left) was given the position of technical director for Audio Innovations during a time when the company had an enviable reputation for sound quality. It was at this time and the few preceding years that a friendship flourished between David, and Audio Innovation’s initiator and one of Europe’s top audio designers Erik Andersson. Together they joined forces to form Audion in the spring of 1987

 Audion Early Years

Audion was then established in March 1987 by David Chessell and Erik Andersson, Audio Innovations changed hands and the original owner of Audio Innovations went on to buy into AudioNote Japan becoming AudioNote UK. The concept for Audion in those early days was to allow people to get an insight into audiophile high end without sacrificing their home or bank balance. This overall picture still holds true today for us  During these first vital years of 1987 – 1990, Europe saw the release of the world’s 1st and 2nd audio triode amplifiers, the first of its kind from a western manufacturer designed by Erik. Unbelievably, this was to set the trend throughout the world for triode amplifiers of the highest sonic quality. Audion was first to market with many new products and won many awards for doing so.

Relaunched 300B puts Audion on the map.


In 1992, a re-launched copy of the 300B by Golden Dragon enabled Audion with their, then UK base, to enable a superior amplifier to be designed and distributed around the world. The first joint product was the infamous “Audion Silver Night” mono-blocks, and Noel Keywood of Hifi World  provided us a front-page debut with an “educational” review with regard to sound quality and technical specifications for a no-feedback design. This level of excellence fired the imaginations of many audiophiles around the world and promoted the company into the limelight as one of the world’s innovators once again. The worldwide acclaim that followed elevated Audion to the greatest heights.

The following years saw the introduction of many new products, most of which are contained within this site in one form or another and are world beaters in many areas including best sound, best audio art, and most innovative product together with professional high build quality and reliability, at competitive prices.

Graeme Holland, the owner of Audion since 2000 spearheads the company. A computer systems design engineer with a strong grounding in electronics, design, strategy and industrial technology, brings a unique flair and presence to Audion. His innovative approach and industry insight allows Audion, its products and people to remain at the forefront of technological advancements and to excel in the interface  between modern tube design, great looking products and new technology..

Audion Today

Graeme Holland, takes the company from Strength to strength. Following on from the acquisition of Revolver Audio we have developed new products for both companies and are focused on bringing a whole new generation of audiophiles on the path to listening pleasure.



2024: First to market with a 8 tube EL84 parallel single ended amp, The Select gets a revamp with rotary switches now as does the Premier range, and The EL84 gets released in Munich May 2024

2019: A First prototype of the new Audion Lignum Octo and Quaddra full width, wooden plinthed chassis EL34 integrated amps were shown to an eager audience at Munich High end, their release date was first seen in September 2019. Audion Silver Night DUO wins product of the year in Taiwan.

2018: Audion introduces new Silver Night HP1 300B headphone amplifier, Super Sterling KT150 power amplifier and increases “Select” range of passive Products. We win another Audio Art product of the year award.

2017: 30th Anniversary products are launched Sterling 30th Anniversary amps and Select MC step-up transformer released. Silver Night Special Edition Integrated Stereo and Parallel single ended 300B versions are added to range

2016: Select 1.0 passive pre-amp, Super Sterling KT120 and Silver Night Special edition line/mm phono stage and Special Edition PX25 is launched 

2015: Silver Night Special Edition 300B and Black Shadow 2 is launched

2014: Audion installs 8m x 4m Military grade Anechoic chamber (one of only 4 in France)

2011: Buy-out of Revolver Audio ltd and its stock and designs – New TT and loudspeakers to follow

2010: Graeme Holland Announces release of UNO, DUO & Trio to coincide with updated Quattro and now Audion announces the re-launch of the legendary Black Shadow

2007: Celebrating 20 years at the top releases the Black Night stereo dual width chassis 300B integrated stereo amplifier 5 remote controlled channels. 20 watts per channel Class A

2005: Audion Silver Night 2A3, an instant success in UK, Europe, America and the Far East.

2004: Audion Electron and Proton cable ranges realised, bookshelf speaker range added

2002: Audion Paragon Launched along with Golden Night PX25.

2001: New Chassis is launched to tumultuous success.. New chunky look and lifestyle products prove a winner with both new and existing customers.

1997: AMP, Flux, Audion One CD and DAC. Audions profile is now firmly on the map as an innovator and world leader in High End technology

1995: Audion Golden Night, Black Shadow, Golden Dream, Sterling and Premier lines are added.

1993: Audion Silver Night wins award after award. Dia Passion D’or and a plethora of awards.

1992: Audion Silver Night is released “The world’s first 300B amplifier on the market.

1990: Erik Anderssen joins David and the partnership flourishes in an array of power and pre-amplifiers brought into existence

1988: Chessel Reference Pre-amp launched

1987: David releases an early pentode based power amplifier.

1986: David Chessel and Erik Andersson break away from Audio Innovations just before it is sold and forms Audion


Did you know that all Audion amplifiers and pre-amplifiers undergo at least 24 hours testing and then are connected to a pair of speakers and a source and are voiced (listened to) for a further test period.

We listen to you

You, our customers are important to us, so we listen to what you have to say and try and bring new products to market that you want. Like most recently, the HP1 headphone amplifier and the Lignum full width chassis range.

Audion "Power"

Many people see the small numbers against power output (i.e. 8 watts) and assume that it will not be enough to power their loudspeakers, but a valve amp is about dynamics, fast transient responses and efficiency. Choose the right speakers and our amps will fill your room and beyond.


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