Audion Golden Dream SCSE PSE

Golden Dream 300B, PX25 or 2A3. Self cancelling Parallel Single ended Mono-block Hard wired.

5 Star Awarded

Audion Golden Dream 300B mono block amplifiers

The Golden Dream is our finest, most sought after and highest regarded flagship amplifier in our product line up. The amplifier is hand built and hard wired using pure enamelled solid silver wires in all of the audio path. “The design improves transient and bottom end response which is very difficult to find in other amplifiers.” The  Golden Dream is a self cancelling Parallel single-ended design, utilising two 300B tubes in parallel configuration per mono-block to produce 20 Wpc into 4 & 8 ohm and is based on a same self cancelling principles as the Golden Night. 

The “Self-Canceling” topology aims at canceling out second order harmonic distortion inherent in tube amplifiers. The proprietary topology accords superior impedance matching to drive the output tubes slightly harder, yielding two additional watts from each 300B (or PX25/ 2A3 if chosen instead), and inducing transient and bottom-end response “very difficult to find in other amplifiers.”

There are three class upgrades available for the Golden Dream, each one customised for performance. They are Insignia, Excelsior and Signature Reference (read more about this in the tabs below).

Sonically speaking, at their level they will retrieve information from a recording that you probably didn’t know existed.

 This amplifier is hand built and hard wired using ultra pure solid silver enamelled wires in all of the audio path.

Audion Golden Dream 300B SCSE mono block

Audion Golden Dream 300B Mono Block

Dick Olsher
Dick Olsher
The Absolute Sound
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The Audion Sterling EL34 Anniversary Edition is a warm and dimensional-sounding amplifier with a potent lower midrange that does justice to the power range of an orchestra. It sang right out of the box and never misbehaved. Kudos to the Audion team for breathing new life into the venerable EL34 pentode. In my estimation, the Sterling EL34 represents a gift to music lovers everywhere. Highly recommended.
John Potis
John PotisSoundstage
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"Very round, smooth and toasty," but "well capable of enough resolution to easily distinguish Red Book CDs from their SACD cousins"; the midrange is "smooth and luxurious," but the bass has "neither the detailed control nor the slam of any solid-state integrated in [the Sterling Stereo EL34's] price range" -- no surprise., pulvinar dapibus leo. "Fully capable of refined tube splendor that's unanticipated at its price level."
John Marchant
John MarchantHifi
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The sound was a contrast, detailed and extremely musical. There was no slowness and desire to lull the listener, for which I dislike for a directly heated triode single end.
John Darko
John Darko@username
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Every Sterling feels like it's punching well above its weight. So Good I bought one myself. More seasoned audiophiles will know that good amplification – no matter the topology – has no sound of its own. Don’t expect the thick syrup or golden hues of sub-$1000 Chinese units. There is no sickly/heavy sauce here. Neither is there porridge bass. Who said tubes are no hopeless below the waist? (Fools!) This Audion is the healthiest of extra virgin olive oil: light, transparent, clean. And fast. It is unburdened by ponderous, labouring low frequencies or musical weight gain. Its talents lie in 1. the ability to drive a wide range of loudspeakers and 2. the beautification of music. Each combination a winner.
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