Audion Black Shadow 845 Power Amplifier

Black Shadow 845 Single ended Mono-block Hard wired

5 Star Awarded

Black Shadow 2 

The re-designed Audion Black Shadow 2 mono-blocks feature the mighty Single ended 845 output valve with no (Zero) negative feedback which has been  upgraded with an extra buffer stage, improved mains and output transformers, slow start HT to protect the valve life and better components – couple that to a large polypropylene capacitor power supply and large bypass and decoupling capacitors you are guaranteed fast and fluid transient response.. This amplifier is hand built and hard wired using solid silver 5 *9’s in most of the audio path (except the output transformers, input rca’s, speaker binding posts and tube bases).

This massive directly heated 845 triode produces 25 substantial Class “A” watts which are suitable to drive the large majority of loudspeakers with incredible grip, agility, dynamics and realism. There’s a wonderful sense of effortlessness to the sound and few amplifiers can match the low frequency tonality and flow.

That’s the word that best sums up the sound of the Audion Black Shadow 2 – effortless. There is no sense of electronics getting in the way of the sound, more like musicians have been fed into your loudspeakers” – Nicholas Riply – Hifi Plus

The all new MK2 Black Shadow features new internal chassis layout which improves build and component layout and relationship.

Internal magnetic shielding around the transformers reduces an already quiet amplifier to an even  lower level of noise. This means a blacker soundstage allowing you to hear even deeper into the music and the delicate low levels details that were previously masked, now come forward.

the Audion Black Shadow 2’s show just how seductive they can be. This is a beguiling amplifier, with the sort of effortless sound that wins people over.” Nicholas Ripley. Hifi+ December 2015.

The Black Shadow 2 draws out the harmonic richness of music and its natural sense of dynamic range. This is the kind of sound that makes you argue over pianists, not cables, because it perfectly shows the playing dynamics of different virtuosos. If you have an opinion about Haifetz vs. Ricci, or Casals vs. Rostopovich, or even Argerich vs. Barenboim vs. Brendel, the Black Shadow amp will be your best friend. If you ‘like a bit of Mozart in the evening’, this is probably not for you. The Audion’s unforced dynamic shading and ability to move from fff to ppp without a hesitation makes music something that must be engaged with, not played in the background.

Audion Black Shadow 2 Mono Block 845

Nicholas Ripley
Nicholas Ripley
The Absolute Sound
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SET amps aren’t for everyone, but the Audion Black Shadow 2’s show just how seductive they can be. This is a beguiling amplifier, with the sort of effortless sound that wins people over
John Potis
John PotisSoundstage
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"Very round, smooth and toasty," but "well capable of enough resolution to easily distinguish Red Book CDs from their SACD cousins"
John Marchant
John MarchantHifi
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The sound was a contrast, detailed and extremely musical. There was no slowness and desire to lull the listener, for which I dislike for a directly heated triode single end.
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