Audion Black Shadow 845 Power Amplifier

Black Shadow 845 Single ended Mono-block Hard wired

5 Star Awarded

Black Shadow 2 

Audion Black Shadow 2 Mono-Blocks: Effortless Sound and Uncompromising Performance

The Audion Black Shadow 2 mono-block amplifiers have been meticulously re-designed to deliver exceptional audio quality. Key features include:

Single-Ended 845 Output Valve: The heart of the Black Shadow 2 is the mighty 845 output valve, operating in pure Class A mode. With zero negative feedback, it ensures a natural and uncoloured sound.

Enhanced Components and Circuitry:

An additional buffer stage improves transient response.

Upgraded mains and output transformers enhance overall performance.

Slow start high tension (HT) protects the valve life.

High-quality components, including large polypropylene capacitors and bypass/decoupling capacitors, contribute to fast and fluid transient handling.

Hand-Built Craftsmanship:

Each amplifier is meticulously hand-built and hard-wired using solid silver (99.999%) in most of the audio path.

Exceptional attention to detail ensures optimal signal integrity.

Powerful Output:

The directly heated 845 triode produces a substantial 25 watts of Class A power.
This power output is suitable for driving a wide range of loudspeakers, offering impressive grip, agility, dynamics, and realism.

Effortless Sound:

Reviewers describe the Audion Black Shadow 2 as “effortless.” There’s no sense of electronics interfering with the music—just pure, unadulterated sound.

Low-frequency tonality and flow are exceptional, creating a captivating listening experience.

Internal Improvements:

The MK2 Black Shadow features an updated internal chassis layout, optimizing build quality and component placement.

Magnetic shielding around the transformers further reduces noise, resulting in a blacker soundstage.

Critical Acclaim:

Nicholas Ripley of Hifi Plus praises the Black Shadow 2, emphasizing its seductive and captivating qualities.

Musicians seem to come alive through these amplifiers, making them a favorite among discerning audiophiles.

In summary, the Audion Black Shadow 2 combines craftsmanship, power, and musicality, making it an irresistible choice for serious audio enthusiasts. Experience the effortless sound that wins hearts and reveals hidden musical details

That’s the word that best sums up the sound of the Audion Black Shadow 2 – effortless. There is no sense of electronics getting in the way of the sound, more like musicians have been fed into your loudspeakers” – Nicholas Riply – Hifi Plus

the Audion Black Shadow 2’s show just how seductive they can be. This is a beguiling amplifier, with the sort of effortless sound that wins people over.” Nicholas Ripley. Hifi+ December 2015.


Audion Black Shadow 2 Mono Block 845

Black Shadow Pair

Audion Black Shadow 2 Mono Block 845

Audion Black Shadow Rear

Audion Black Shadow 2 rear panels

Audion Black Shadow 2 rear panels

Audion Black Shadow 2 Home

Audion Black Shadow 2 at home

Audion Black Shadow 2 at home

Nicholas Ripley
Nicholas Ripley
The Absolute Sound
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SET amps aren’t for everyone, but the Audion Black Shadow 2’s show just how seductive they can be. This is a beguiling amplifier, with the sort of effortless sound that wins people over
John Potis
John PotisSoundstage
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"Very round, smooth and toasty," but "well capable of enough resolution to easily distinguish Red Book CDs from their SACD cousins"
John Marchant
John MarchantHifi
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The sound was a contrast, detailed and extremely musical. There was no slowness and desire to lull the listener, for which I dislike for a directly heated triode single end.
Leo Yeh
Leo Yeh
My Hi-End
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The first track 「Little Black Lake」 has a large piano performance. Every key can hit the heart directly. The density of the bass is both high and Thick, the clarity of the sound form makes the music more authentic. The second track 「Soothing Your Soul」 has more jazz drum accompaniment, whether it is under the bass drum or the percussion of the alto drum is deep and elastic, combined with the piano and vocals There is a very complete sound field and sound part. Audion's front and rear extensions fully demonstrate the advantages of high-quality vacuum tube amplifiers, weight, warmth, dense and detailed natural sense, and music without loss of detail. Probably the reason why many people cannot extricate vacuum tube amplifiers. I believe not only many People are fascinated by this, and many people are deeply trapped in the charm of Audion.
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