Inter connect Proton Cable


Audion Sterling Plus Anniversary stereo is hard wired point to point using better graded components and & larger Audion wound output transformers (EI96)  hand built. This pentode based KT88 stereo amp uses a small amount of feedback in the design. The chassis is black powder coated aluminum as is the transformer cover. The top plate and badge are mirror finished stainless steel.

This larger output power amp. is better suited for more difficult loads, the KT88 is a robust tube that has a good overall sonic performance

Power 2 x 18 Watts Class A  into 8 Ohms at 240V AC Load: 8 Ohm Nominal
Distortion @ 1Watt: <0.1% No Feedback Frequency Response: <10 to >40KHz ±1 db
Sensitivity: Variable >200mV Full output Noise: < (CCIR) – 85 db
Consumption:   160 Watts Tubes: 2 x KT88, 2 x 6H1N
Size – 42cm deep, 23cm tall and 19cm tall – Less tubes Weight 14kgs
Fuses – Power 2A / 240V   HT 500mA / 240V Warranty – 2 years – tubes 6 months


Upgrades and Options available when ordering – Speak to your dealer about these when ordering your amplifier.
Our Sterling range of Amplifiers come available with 2 upgrade options ranging from our Standard model known as Insignia Class and Excelsior class, and our Silver Night Range and above come with 3 upgarde levels, which are Insignia, Excelsior and the ultimate Signature reference.

Each class has selected components designed to enhance performance, prescence and definition.

The upgrade options are only available on a new build amplifier and are not retro fittable. The amplifier chassis will carry distinguishing marks and milled branding to determine the level.

All the options are based on a hard wired amp, and use the very finest components selectable, form Britain, Europe or the US.

All options carry a lifetime guarantee and a certificate of authenticity.

So when you order your amplifier from your dealer ask for either standard amplifier or Insignia, Excelsior or Signature reference classes.


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