Audion heavy gold plated loudspeaker terminals Red & Black

Heavy duty binding posts, designed to fit 4mm banana plugs, bare wire or spade terminals, constructed from a gold-plated brass metal conductor, ensuring a consistently high level of performance These are heavy gold plated high quality single piece loudspeaker terminals, the same that we use in all of our Audion production amplifiers. Why single piece – where the back and the front of the terminal are connected, when you connect a bare wire, spade or banana plug, you are connecting directly to the wire inside the amp. The screw terminal on the back is used to tighten bare wires or spades to the terminal.  A lot of connectors use separated connections which degrades the signal. Sold as a set of 8 (4 Red and 4 Black) Accepts up to 5mm cable in cross mounting hole. Red and black polarity bands. Solder tag for internal cable connection We can also offer heavy silver plate speaker terminals