Audion Edison 60 Standard Power Amplifier kit

Audion Edison 60 Standard EL34 PSE, Triode, PP  power amplifier kit that you build yourself.

"Well, the Instructions are clear and concise and everything went together fairly simplyy"

Audion Edison 60 Standard EL34 Power Amplifier kit

Unlocking the World of Valve Amplification with Edison Kits

The Edison kits serve as an exceptional entry point into the captivating realm of valve amplification. Since their launch, the Edison 60 kit has garnered a global following, captivating everyone who have embraced it.

As a core product, the Edison 60 standard boasts versatility, making it suitable for various roles within a comprehensive system. Its robust power output caters not only to hi-fi enthusiasts but also seamlessly integrates into home entertainment system and setups.

Here are the key features of the Edison 60:

  1. Configurability:

    • The amplifier can be configured in either Push-Pull or Single-Ended mode.
    • With ample power, it satisfies even the most discerning purists, especially when paired with speakers boasting 88dB efficiency or higher.
  2. Affordability and Upgradability:

    • The entry-level model is competitively priced, making it accessible to all.
    • While technically complete, it offers room for enhancement through additional components (such as the Edison 60 Plus kit).
    • Remarkably, it outperforms retail products that cost significantly more.
  3. Comprehensive Kit:

    • The kit includes everything needed for assembly, down to the last nut (excluding the power supply cord due to legal reasons).
    • Users receive the latest user manual, circuit diagram, and online technical email support.
  4. Self-Assembly and Factory Options:

    • Assembling the kit provides a satisfying experience for those who enjoy hands-on work.
    • For those less inclined to dive straight in, partial builds are available. For instance, circuit boards can be pre-built and tested.

In summary, the Edison kits combine affordability, performance, and flexibility, making them an excellent choice for both beginners and seasoned audiophiles. Whether you relish self-assembly or prefer a factory-built option, the Edison 60 promises an enriching journey into the world of valve amplification

Edison 60 Plus kit

Audion Edison 60 Plus EL34 Kit integrated power amplifier.

Dick Olsher
Dick Olsher
The Absolute Sound
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The Audion Sterling EL34 Anniversary Edition is a warm and dimensional-sounding amplifier with a potent lower midrange that does justice to the power range of an orchestra. It sang right out of the box and never misbehaved. Kudos to the Audion team for breathing new life into the venerable EL34 pentode. In my estimation, the Sterling EL34 represents a gift to music lovers everywhere. Highly recommended.
John Potis
John PotisSoundstage
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"Very round, smooth and toasty," but "well capable of enough resolution to easily distinguish Red Book CDs from their SACD cousins"; the midrange is "smooth and luxurious," but the bass has "neither the detailed control nor the slam of any solid-state integrated in [the Sterling Stereo EL34's] price range" -- no surprise., pulvinar dapibus leo. "Fully capable of refined tube splendor that's unanticipated at its price level."
John Marchant
John MarchantHifi
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The sound was a contrast, detailed and extremely musical. There was no slowness and desire to lull the listener, for which I dislike for a directly heated triode single end.
John Darko
John Darko@username
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Every Sterling feels like it's punching well above its weight. So Good I bought one myself. More seasoned audiophiles will know that good amplification – no matter the topology – has no sound of its own. Don’t expect the thick syrup or golden hues of sub-$1000 Chinese units. There is no sickly/heavy sauce here. Neither is there porridge bass. Who said tubes are no hopeless below the waist? (Fools!) This Audion is the healthiest of extra virgin olive oil: light, transparent, clean. And fast. It is unburdened by ponderous, labouring low frequencies or musical weight gain. Its talents lie in 1. the ability to drive a wide range of loudspeakers and 2. the beautification of music. Each combination a winner.
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