Audion Silver Night HP1 Headphone Amplifier

Silver Night Stereo HP1 Integrated Single Ended/Balanced Headphone Amplifier

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Audion Silver Night HP1 Headphone Amplifier

The Audion Silver Night HP1 is a remarkable headphone amplifier that stands out in the high-end realms of headphone audio. Let’s look at its features and capabilities:

  1. Unique Design and Attributes:

    • The Audion Silver Night HP1 is designed around the award-winning Silver Night amplifier.
    • It shares many attributes with its namesake, including hard-wired in-house output transformers and single-ended circuitry.
    • Notably, the HP1 incorporates a new output transformer, allowing it to drive headphones with precision.
  2. Switchable Output Impedances:

    • The HP1 offers five switchable output impedance options: 8, 32, 150, 300, and 600 ohms.
    • This flexibility ensures compatibility with a wide range of headphones, allowing you to optimize performance based on your specific pair.
  3. Balanced and Single-Ended Outputs:

    • On the front panel, you’ll find both balanced and single-ended headphone outputs.
    • These outputs are available via either a Neutrik 6.3mm jack or a 4-pin Neutrik XLR socket.
  4. Stereo Input Channels:

    • The HP1 features three switchable stereo input channels, providing versatility for connecting various audio sources.
  5. Optional Balanced XLR Inputs and Outputs:

    • For those seeking additional connectivity options, the HP1 offers optional balanced XLR inputs and outputs.
    • This makes it suitable for use as part of a comprehensive media center setup.
  6. Quality Components and Unique Circuits:

    • Audion prioritizes quality by avoiding the use of Chinese components.
    • The Triode-based amplifiers within the Silver Night series utilize unique circuits and Audion’s proprietary output transformers.

In summary, the Audion Silver Night HP1 is a rare gem—an SET (Single-Ended Triode) headphone amplifier that delivers exceptional sound quality. Whether you’re using high-sensitivity headphones or seeking an esoteric listening experience, the HP1 has the potential to elevate your audio enjoyment

Audion Silver Night Special Edition 300B Integrated Stereo

Marc Philips
Marc Philips
Part time Adiophile
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Do you like tube amps? Do you like the 300B tube? Do you like warmth? Do you love, as I do, the ability of a headphone rig to totally isolate your from the mean and uncompromising world? Then the Audion Silver Night HP1 is for you.
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