Audion Select MC1 Moving Coil Step up transformer

Audion Select MC1 Moving coil step up 1:10 & 1:20 (25R & 100R ) transformer

Newly launched

Audion Select MC1 Moving coil step up transformer.

Audion Select MC1 moving coil step up transformer is hand built with very high quality wire and components. The Audion Select MC1 moving coil step up transformer has 2 sets of winding ratios to cover around about 95% of the moving coil cartridges on today’s market. With a 1:10 ratio designed for 100 ohm cartridges and a 1:20 ratio for 25 ohm cartridges. Built with 2 MC level inputs switched from the rear panel for 25 or 100 ohm and 2 outputs at 47K MM level designed to feed directly to an MM RIAA phono stage, like our MM phono stage or Line/MM phono pre-amplifier. This step up transformer is also fitted with a ground loop lift switch designed to stop any ground loops.. 

Being a passive step up transformer it will not add hum or tube noise to your current equipment. The chassis is black powder coated aluminium as is the base. The top plate is mirror finished stainless steel designed to match our Premier line of pre-amp phono stages as well as our range of Anniversary power amplifiers.

We are able to offer the MC1 as an option with silver internal wiring, and  WBT Nextgen RCA sockets.
Being a passive stage it will not alter your soundstage, but at the same time it will allow micro details to come to the fore . In use it is absolutely invisible, with extreme depth even at very low levels. It brings recordings to life and places you directly in front of the performance
The name “Audion Select” has been given as it is mainly a selector and in the double entendre stakes it is also a select product..


Audion Select MC1 step up transformer Front

Audion Select MC1 Step up transformer

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