Audion Silver Night HP1 Headphone Amplifier

Silver Night Stereo HP1 Integrated Single Ended/Balanced Headphone Amplifier

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Audion Silver Night HP1 Headphone Amplifier

The Audion Silver Night HP1 headphone amplifier is a unique product from us fitting into the high end realms of headphone amplification. 

Designed around our award winning Silver Night the HP1 features many of the same attributes as its namesake, hard wiring our own in-house would transformers and our single ended circuitry. Adding to this though the HP1 has been designed around our new output transformer, so can drive any headphone from its range of 5 switchable output impedances. On the front we have both balanced and single ended headphone outputs via either a Neutrik 6.3mm or 4 pin Neutrik XLR headphone sockets. Add to this 3 switchable stereo input channels and optional balanced XLR Inputs and outputs,  and you have a robust full media centre.

The new Silver Night HP1 300B headphone integrated (balanced) amplifier can run just about any headphone with its switchable output transformers that can drive them to potentials that you never thought previously they could achieve.

Where possible we avoid the use of Chinese components. These Triode based amplifiers use unique circuits and of course our own output transformers. See the tabs below for list of amplifiers and options to suit your needs

Audion Silver Night Special Edition 300B Integrated Stereo

Graeme Holland
Graeme Holland
Audion International 2019
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