Audion Silver Night Mono Blocks PP & PSE

Audion Silver Night Parallel Single Ended and Push-Pull Monoblock Power Amplifiers

5 Star Awarded

Audion Silver Night Mono block power amplifiers

The Audion Silver Night Anniversary Parallel Single Ended and Push-Pull Mono-block power amplifiers, are hard wired point to point. They represent our  intermediate level power amplifiers, using the well known 300B tubes, or lesser known PX25 or 2A3 (with the ability to even use Type 45 valves in the 2A3 version) valves. These amplifiers are hand built and hard wired using solid silver 5 *9’s in some of the audio path.

With power ranging from 18 watts per channel pure class “A” from our PSE Anniversary Silver Night 300B power amp to 24 watts per channel pure class “A” from our 300B push-pull model.

“I urge you to try the Silver Night. Its combination of virtues is first rate and its shortcomings are few – Very highly recommended” – Philip Holmes – Dagogo 

We use quality British, European or American components wherever possible and this shows in the final build sound and quality. The Silver Nights all reproduce truly and faithfully fast transients and beautifully musicality with minute detail that brings a total listening experience and new levels of enjoyment. 

The Silver Night mono blocks work with a wider range of loudspeakers because of their increased power and truly exhibit all of the subtleties, details and nuances that the valves give a zero feedback design. 

“Audion’ Silver Night 300B monoblocks — 24 watts/channel in Class A — superb sound for an efficient pair of loudspeakers”  – Inner ear Magazine 

These Triode based mono block power amplifiers use unique circuits and of course our own output transformers. 

Silver Night 2A3 PSE mono block power amplifier

Audion Silver Night PSE 300B Mono block power amps.

Sam tellig
Sam tellig
The Absolute Sound
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"These beauties did things straight out of the box: truth of timbre, sweetness, smoothness, detail, delicacy. And, for their rated 18Wpc, they had a surprising amount of get-up-and-go (up to a point- 20W in this case - of course)" "The Silver Nights have not misbehaved in the slightest – no hums, no buzzens, no hisses, no solidstate listening fatigue. They also have more life: not only do they let more aire in, but they also let more sunlight in – there’s more happening between and around the notes, even with digital. While listening to ----‘s system, I was conscious of little life there was – everything was damped and dead. When I went home and listened to the Silver Nights, there were light and life that went beyond delicacy, detail and transparency. These are truly extraordinary amplifiers."
John Marchant
John MarchantHifi
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The sound was a contrast, detailed and extremely musical. There was no slowness and desire to lull the listener, for which I dislike for a directly heated triode single end.
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This Audion 24W 300B push-pull Silver Night I bought about three years ago, driving a pair of Ensemble Animata. My wife is very satiusified with the sound and the looks. Recently I got a trade-in Rogers LS3/5a. These two are much better match, although many people say that EL34 based tube gear match LS3/5a very well. For me, 300B improves the somewhat closed-in treble of LS3/5a, and has better control over the speaker, though the rated power of the Silver Night (24W), I am satisfied and can enjoy the music for a long time, though sometimes I would imagine how the sound would improve if I can get a quad of original Western Electric 300B's and NOS 6922 tubes. But the sky-high price of WE 300B always wakes me up from the dream...
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