Audion Premier Line / Phono Pre-Amplifier

Audion Premier 5 Channel Line Level Pre-Amplifier with active Moving magnet phono stage

4.9 Star Awarded

Audion Premier Line level with built in moving magnet phono stage pre-amplifier (Known previously as the 1.0) is built on a quality substrate pcb (printed circuit board). It is an active class A device. Built with 4 line level inputs buffered and 1 MM phono stage all switched from the front panel, 2 line outputs and a direct un-switched and un-attenuated tape output, all controlled by a quality ALPS blue velvet pot..

Like the Premier Line the Premier Line/Phono’s soundstage is phenomenally large. Roll off in both directions is seamless. Resolution is astounding, with absolutely convincing depth even at very low  levels. It brings recording to life and places you directly in front of the performance. 

“The Premier is an incredible easy to listen to pre-amplifier, plenty of atmosphere, and a very elegant preamplifier” – The Audio review

Powered by 4 x NOS 6H23N valves they feature a transformer less design which is a directly  cathode coupled buffer stage with no input, inter stage or output wound components making this pre-amp extremely fast and capable of handling the most intricate and detailed passages of music that can be shown them. Outstanding performance, lightning quick response curves and terrific transparency

Thie Premier Line/MM Phono buffered pre-amplifier is a great match with our power amplifiers. Upgrade options are available for this model, see upgrade tabs. This is a very good entry level pre-amplifier and can be used as a buffered volume control for any amplifier other than ours that does not have a volume control. The MM Phono stage is exactly the same design and circuitry as our stand alone phono stage (featured on another page), with the added advantage of having the buffered pre-amp built in.

Having a ground lift switch at the rear enables the pre-amp to assist in resolving grounding issues by floating the ground internally above mains ground. 

As with all our amps they are hand built. The chassis is black powder coated aluminum as is the transformer cover. The top plate and badge are mirror finished stainless steel.

Audion Premier Line / MM phono stage pre-amplifier

Paul Cherfuka
Paul Cherfuka
The Audio Asylum
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It meets all your criteria, both physical and sonic. Its tonality and resolution are superb.. Highly recommended.
Phil Ressler
Phil ResslerSignature Sound
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"The Audion Premier 1.0, like a lot of Euro electronics, is designed to drive amps with high input sensitivity. Audion's own power amps have about 0.7v input sensitivity to attain full power out. So depending on your amp, the Audion is a good match. If the Audion can drive your amps I think it is preferable many others. The Audion's tone is a winner for being unusually musical, intimate, dimensioned and revealing. great midrange tonal density and bass was defined when I heard it. Also the Audion phono section, while a little noisy compared to current solid state options, is superb musically. I use my Premier 1.0 with Audion amps, so the gain match works. The Audion benefits from tuning to your system via tube rolling. The Audion is worth springing for NOS Siemens, Telefunken or Valvo CCa as subs for the 6H23N's it ships with."
Peter Empson
Peter EmpsonDeco Audio
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"The Audion Premier Line/phono pre-amplifier has a wonderfully open and transparent sound"
Geoff Husband
Geoff HusbandTNT
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"The effect of adding the 1.0 pre was an increased solidity to the sound and stopping any residual tonal changes with volume. The phono section proved excellent, better than the Naim and a Hart Phono amp I had borrowed.... Within minutes the Gyro confirmed it's superiority over the Micromega and there followed the sort of listening session which ends with record sleeves spread liberally round the floor and ringing ears. The dynamics of the pre-amp are superb. I'll give you an example: On the opening track of Nirvana's Nevermind the intro is a few slightly distorted chords, relatively restrained for Nirvana, then the massive drum kit explodes out from behind, sounding as if the drummer is using bass-ball bats rather than drumsticks. This, if everything works as it should, always makes the hairs at the back of my neck tingle. Please note I'm not talking about volume here, but the contrast and tension of those opening chords and the percussion that follows"
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