Audion Silver Night Line & MM Phono stage Pre-Amp

Silver Night Special Edition Line & MM Phono pre-amplifier.

New Product

Audion Silver Night Special Edition Line & MM Phone pre-amplifier

The Audion Silver Night Special Edition line level and MM phono stage is designed to match closely to the looks and sound quality of the rest of our Special Edition range. 

The Special Edition Pre-Amplifier combines a mixture of known topologies and sonic signatures from our Premier range and is a crossover product between our Audion Premier Line/Phono plus and a 2 Box Audion Premier Quattro.  

The Special Edition uses a full choke power supply along with several active power supply stages for the line level buffer stage and also the RIAA Moving magnet phono stage. 

Visually, aesthetically and sonically too, it is designed to closely match the other amps in our Special Edition range. The transformer lid, front panel, knob and valve fillets all share the same parentage so will match your Special Edition power amplifier perfectly. 

Silver Night Special Edition Pre-Amplifier front

Audion Silver Night Special Edition Line/Phono Pre-Amp

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