Audion Silver Night SE TVC1 Passive Pre-Amplifier

Silver Night Special Edition Transformer volume control passive pre-amplifier with 6db gain.

New Product Release

Audion Silver Special Edition Transformer volume control
passive pre-amplifier with 6db gain.

Audion Select TVC1 transformer based volume control Passive Line level  pre-amplifier is hand built with quality compononents. The chassis is black powder coated aluminum as is the base. The top plate is mirror finished stainless steel.
The Audion Select TVC1 passive line level pre-amplifier is a passive transformer based device with gain. Built with 5 line level inputs switched from the front panel, 2 line outputs and a direct un-switched unattenuated tape output. It is hard wired with a Seidan 23 way switch fitted and with a ground loop lift switch designed to stop any ground loops.. Being a passive pre-amplifier it will not add hum or tube noise to your current equipment. It also has a switch on the rear to offer an additional 6db of gain, effectively “A wire with gain”.
The black aluminium chassis is designed to match cosmetically to the rest of the Audion range in looks similar to the Audion Quattro pre-amp and sound quality, and having the same size and shape will fit in with other Audion equipment. It has been designed for users with stereo or monoblock amplifiers to add more inputs and volume control to their setup.
We are able to offer 23 way transformer steps and / or silver internal wiring, and with the option of WBT Nextgen RCA sockets.
Being a passive stage it will not alter your soundstage, but at the same time it will add up to 6db of gain which will allow micro details to come to the fore . In use it is absolutely invisible, with extreme depth even at very low levels. It brings recordings to life and places you directly in front of the performance
This model has been specifically designed to cosmetically and sonically match the Silver Night Special Edition power amplifier range which has the same gold fornt and matching highly polished knob.

Silver night special edition transformer volume control passive pre-amplifier

Audion Silver Night Special Edition 300B Integrated Stereo

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