Audion Silver Night Special Edition series

Silver Night Special Edition 300B Stereo and Stereo Integrated Power Amplifiers

5 Star Awarded

Audion Silver Night Special Edition power amplifier range

The Audion Silver Night Special Edition Range consists o 4 models including  Single Ended Stereo & Stereo Integrated, Parallel Single Ended and Push-Pull Mono-block power amplifiers as well as a matching pre-amplifier.

The Silver Night Special Edition range represents our intermediate to high end range, still affordable and using quality British, European or American components, yet showing an insight into true high end. The Special Editions reproduce truly and faithfully fast transients and beautiful musicality, in fact, perfect reproduction of finite detail that bring a total listening experience. 

Audion’s Silver Night Special Edition gets a new, cleaner look, with highlight features designed by the Dutch commercial designer Marko Schregardus.

The new design features a badge less top transformer cover, with just the name branding on the front, A new mirror finished top plate without screws and a new fillet piece that both highlights and accentuates the valves. 

This is an artisan product that feels like a lifelong investment in quality !” –
Chris Ward – Hifi Choice

The front panel too hasn’t been neglected. The front panel and top box are in a champagne gold colour, with a more tactile knob, designed to enhance both the overall look and to be easier to the touch and move. as well as cleaner smoother lines on the front panel and top plates and the seamless transition from the mirror polished top plate to the transformer housing.  

Silver Night 300B special Edition integrated stereo

Audion Silver Night Special Edition 300B Integrated Stereo

Jack Roberts
Jack Roberts
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"What surprised me about this Audion amp was the special way it portrayed music in a very relaxed and liquid way, but not in one that was overly warm. Powered by the Audion Silver Night, there was plenty of detail and lots of life to the sound of my system. I found the sound in my listening and reviewing sessions almost effortless and great fun with this amp. It has plenty of that magical 300B bloom which allows music to come alive giving you an impressive emotional musical experience. It played music in my system with beautiful harmonics and texture. One of the things I love about good 300B amps is the magical way they play voices, and the Audion Silver Night does this really well on both male and female vocals."
Stepaen6 Moons
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"What makes the Audion special is the fact that it offers both aural ease and liquid momentum. It’s also eerily quiet upon powering up. It makes music come alive with impressive emotional essence in the mids - more spirit or musically vibrational bloom if you will, and in classic 300B form the Audion is sumptuous with voices whether it’s Jacinta purring, Chrissie Hynde panting, Sinatra swingin’ or Lightnin’ Hopkins supplicatin’... all—and here’s what separates it from some others—whilst remaining well-balanced, well-grounded and well-focused.. "
John Marchant
John MarchantHifi
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The sound was a contrast, detailed and extremely musical. There was no slowness and desire to lull the listener, for which I dislike for a directly heated triode single end.
Peter Empson
Peter Empson Deco Audio
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"The Special Edition takes the concept of the Silver Night Anniversary a step or two further. First, most noticeably, is fresh new case appearance, the work of leading designer Marko Schregardus, which has a cleaner look than the traditional Audion half width chassis and a light Gold finish to the fascia and transformer box with contrasting Black sides and Stainless trim. Feature wise it remains the same, the volume control means that a single input can be used directly, or it can be used to trim the level from a pre amplifier if required. An integrated amplifier version with 5 line level inputs is also available. Naturally what really concerns us is the sound, and thanks to all the internal hook up wire being pure Silver, some upgraded parts and a pair of very serious output transformers, the improvements over the already stunning Anniversary are very worthwhile. There is a good percentage more of everything - greater potency, resolution, refinement and dynamics - not one area stands apart, it is very clearly just a big brother to the Anniversary."
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