Audion Silver Night Product Range

Silver Night Stereo, Stereo Integrated, Parallel Single Ended and Push-Pull Monoblocks as well as a Headphone Amplifier

5 Star Awarded - Best In Class

Audion Silver Night power amplifier range

The Audion Silver Night range comprises our all-time best-selling products, including Single-Ended Stereo, Stereo Integrated, Parallel Single-Ended, and Push-Pull Mono-block power amplifiers. Additionally, we offer a hard-wired headphone amplifier. Within this range, you have the choice of using the well-known 300B valve, the lesser-known PX25, or the exceptionally fine 2A3 valves (with the ability to use type 45 valves). Power output ranges from 2 watts per channel in pure class A for our intermediate-level Anniversary Silver Night 2A3 valve stereo power amp to over 30 watts per channel in pure class A for our 300B push-pull model

Amplifier of the year” – Diapason D’or, France

The Audion Silver Night range comprises our intermediate-level products, currently in 7th/8th generation models. These amplifiers remain affordable while utilising quality British, European, or American components. The Silver Nights excel at faithfully reproducing fast transients and beautiful musicality, emphasising sonic performance over technical specificationsUnlike some other amps, they avoid bloated bass or harsh top-end, delivering precise reproduction of intricate details for a complete listening experience

A-Rated – these are truly extraordinary amplifier” – Sam Telig – Stereophile 

All of the Silver Night range of amplifiers work with a wide range of loudspeakers and truly exhibit all of the subtleties, details and nuances that the valves give a zero feedback design. 
Constantine Soo described the Silver Night as a “great amp.” We take care to avoid Chinese components whenever possible, and our Triode-based amplifiers feature unique circuits and our own output transformers. 

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Silver Night 300B special Edition integrated stereo

Audion Silver Night Special Edition 300B Integrated Stereo

Dick Olsher
Dick Olsher
The Absolute Sound
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The Audion Sterling EL34 Anniversary Edition is a warm and dimensional-sounding amplifier with a potent lower midrange that does justice to the power range of an orchestra. It sang right out of the box and never misbehaved. Kudos to the Audion team for breathing new life into the venerable EL34 pentode. In my estimation, the Sterling EL34 represents a gift to music lovers everywhere. Highly recommended.
John Potis
John PotisSoundstage
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"Very round, smooth and toasty," but "well capable of enough resolution to easily distinguish Red Book CDs from their SACD cousins"; the midrange is "smooth and luxurious," but the bass has "neither the detailed control nor the slam of any solid-state integrated in [the Sterling Stereo EL34's] price range" -- no surprise., pulvinar dapibus leo. "Fully capable of refined tube splendor that's unanticipated at its price level."
John Marchant
John MarchantHifi
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The sound was a contrast, detailed and extremely musical. There was no slowness and desire to lull the listener, for which I dislike for a directly heated triode single end.
John Darko
John Darko@username
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Every Sterling feels like it's punching well above its weight. So Good I bought one myself. More seasoned audiophiles will know that good amplification – no matter the topology – has no sound of its own. Don’t expect the thick syrup or golden hues of sub-$1000 Chinese units. There is no sickly/heavy sauce here. Neither is there porridge bass. Who said tubes are no hopeless below the waist? (Fools!) This Audion is the healthiest of extra virgin olive oil: light, transparent, clean. And fast. It is unburdened by ponderous, labouring low frequencies or musical weight gain. Its talents lie in 1. the ability to drive a wide range of loudspeakers and 2. the beautification of music. Each combination a winner.
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